23rd January 2017

Dear Me,

‘You’re awful at dealing with stress. Truly shocking.’ A thought by me. About me.

I am rubbish at dealing with stress, I let it consume me and turn me into a monster. It leaks out in the form of taking it out on other people, most commonly my boyfriend, which isn’t a very nice thing of me to do. Therefore something needs to change and I have slowly been discovering ways to “de-stressify” myself, and I shall present them to you in the form of ‘tips’.

Tip 1: Think “does it even matter” before I open my mouth to snap. Because most of the time it doesn’t, I’m just being mean.

Tip 2: Find activities that actively help me to de-stress! Such as Yoga or Pilates or Boxing. All of these exercises have helped my body to de-stress itself, and while its doing that I can focus on de-stressing my brain.

Tip 3: Try my best to figure out what it is that triggers the stress and, if I can, eradicate it from my life. My example to give to you is that I’ve found that a lot of driving makes me grouchy and unreasonable, so I have cut down my driving hours and am far happier for it.

Tip 4: JUST CHILL OUT! Nothing maaaaajorly bad is going to happen if I don’t leave at precisely 10:40 so just please chill out Katherine.

Tip 5: Don’t create stress where there need not be any in the first place. For example pack your bag the night before!!! This will avoid the stressful chaos whirlwind I become every morning because I’ve been too lazy the night before to put my purse in my bag, and now don’t even know where the accursed thing is.

So as a challenge to myself I’m going to try and remember all of my tips and put them into practice in order to become a less stressy human being, because it actually takes an awful lot of effort to be stressy all the time!

Therefore new rule to myself: CHILL




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